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Help us to make Edinburgh more sustainable

Last March, the Council launched a Sustainable Procurement Strategy, putting sustainability at the heart of our procurement programme for the next five years.

We hope that increasing sustainability through Council spend will help promote the economic, environmental and social outcomes that support sustainable growth, and address the many challenges our city is facing.

As part of this, we want to work more closely with key stakeholders and to build on existing networks to improve engagement and collaboration with communities, businesses, third sector organisations and other partners.

Two key objectives of the strategy are to:
• make procurement spend more accessible to local small businesses and third sector; and
• increase community benefits delivered by suppliers
To support these objectives, our commercial and procurement service is introducing a new opportunity for local suppliers to engage in public procurement.
If you’re interested in working on, or becoming part of, the supply chain that delivers goods, services or works in Edinburgh or if you want to know what support is available, please get in touch.
The next engagement session is
Friday 5 March from 9.30am – 12pm then the first Friday of every month thereafter.

You can book into the monthly engagement diary by dropping us an email to procurement.delivery@edinburgh.gov.uk with the following information:

• Company Name
• Contact Name
• Address
• Contact Tel No.
• Email Address
• Type of Business
• Nature of Query or ask a Question

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